warranty policy

GDS Lighting Company makes the following commitments for the products quality:

 1. Warranty period starts from the shipment of goods to the site with the customers' acceptance, general warranty period is 8 years, specific product
      warranty period is 5 years (Triac Series, LED tube and OEM customized products).
 2. We guarantee to provide the contracted goods which are new, unused. We guarantee the contract goods properly installed, under normal operating
     conditions, safe and reliable. During the warranty period, if the contracted goods found defective and does not comply with the contract, the buyer
     may submit a claim to us. We are pleased to fulfill repair, replacement, or compensation for the loss according to buyer's request. For replacement,
     we promptly replace with qualified high-quality products. All resulting costs are borne by us. If objections to the claim, we should put forward in written
     within seven days after receipt of notice of claims submitted buyer, or else seen as admitting the claim. Our foreign trade specialist is responsible
     for coordinating our product delivery and other matters in the process, such as: product data, design and manufacturing, drawing files, manufacturing
     confirmation, packaging and transportation, site installation, commissioning and acceptance.
 3. We promise the entire production process in strict accordance with quality assurance system. Within the warranty period, due to our responsibility
     in need of repair, replacement of defective products, warranty period is automatically recalculated since we eliminating this drawback, the correlation
     detection, experiment, expert advice, transportation, installation and other costs resulting average are borne by us. As found in the warranty period,
     defects in the contract goods components but does not affect the normal operation, warranty period would be recalculatedafter repair or replacement
     of parts.
 4. The expiry of the warranty period of the contract can not be considered our relieving responsibility of potential damage or defects to the products.
     Product lifetime contract, contract product has the potential defect, the buyer has the right to ask us for promptly repair or replacement for the defective
     product and the same batch of the contract products at cost price.
 5. Contracted products with our official instructions and requirements to properly install and operate, we ensure the lifespan of 50,000 hours; specific
     product lifespan is 25,000 hours (Triac series, LED tube and OEM customized products).
 6. During warranty period, if the contracted product found to be defects or potential failure of principle, we will be the first time to notify the buyer in written.
 7. For the contracted products, we use correct, mature technology and materials with proved experience; for theproduction of various aspects with strict
     control, tooling process, implementation of quality tracking card system,quality problems can be traced back to the team and individuals, and to take
     timely corrective and preventive measures, so that the next one product qualification rate of 100%.The use of our unprecedented new technology,
     new materials should ask for the buyer's prior consent. Buyer's admitting does not reduce or waive our liability assume dunder this contract. All quality
     problems from our purchased components from subcontractors should be responsible for us.
 8. If the contracted product is defective, or due to technical data error, resulting in product scrap or repair, we immediately make free product replacement
     or compensation for the loss suffered by the buyer therefore. Replace or repair period should be done under mutual commitment, overdue replacement
     or repair work would be seen as delayed delivery.
 9. If the buyer does not follow our technical data, drawings, instructions for installation, operation, or maintenance,and other non-our cause damage to
     the contract, the buyer is responsible for repair, replacement, but we are obliged to provide the required replacement as soon as possible. Emergently
     asked components and parts, we should arrange the fastest transportation, all costs are borne by the buyer.
10.From delivery time to end of warranty, if defective product found to be not complied with the contract, the buyer the rights to choose one of the fo llowing
        10.1 Repair
      We withdraw all the defected products to repair (including return to factory) to conform to contract requirements,costs are borne by us. Unless the buyer
      agrees, the repair should be completed within 30 days.
        10.2 Replacement
      We replace all the defected products with sound products, costs are borne by us. Unless the buyer agrees, the repair should be completed within 30 days.
        10.3 Discount Price
      Under the agreement of buyer and seller, we promise to make discount for defected products and return the price gap between original price and
      discount price to the buyer from the balanced payment or from next order total amount.
        10.4 Compensation for loss
      According to the contract, we will pay off all the losses suffered from our flawed products. The buyer should choose any of the above remedies and shall
      not reduce or exempt basis we assumed liability for breach of contract.
11.We strictly follow the relevant Chinese warranty policy, after sales service,"Three Guarantees" and other national laws, regulations, rules regulations and
     the two sides agreed to provide after-sales service.
12.Our products have passed TUV, CE, RoHS, FCC, SAA, ISO9001 and other third-party certification authority, and ensure strict accordance with the
      certification requirements for the production and delivery of products.