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SMD stands for Apparent Army Devices, a appropriate blazon of top ability LED lights. With no wires, these accessories accommodate beneath fuss and with seamless application. Instead, SMDs accept tiny brownish contacts that can be anon anchored to ambit boards. GDS's all-inclusive alternative of SMD LEDs are abiding to fit your needs. Our apparent arise accessory LEDs are activity able and accommodate a above lighting experience.
GDS offers a alternative of SMD LEDs that are advised to accommodated the blueprint of your application. Our SMD LED artefact alms is a lot of frequently acclimated for carriageable devices, aggregation customer electronics, automated handheld accessories and more.Contact GDS today for added advice about the articles below.
Top-Emitting Dent SMD LED
Our top-emitting dent SMD LEDs can accommodate the lighting you charge for carriageable customer electronics, backlighting, and indicator applications. All of our top abounding LEDs accommodate top acuteness output.
Top-Emitting PLCC SMD LED
The PLCC SMD LED artefact band provides top intensity, top-emitting lighting accurate to its name. These articles accommodate able believability and aggressive advance times, authoritative them a best seller. You'll acquisition these LEDs in a ambit of blush combinations, sizes, shapes, and examination angles.
Right Bend SMD LED
These angled LEDs accommodate top acuteness lighting at the absolute bend you need. They accommodate a appropriate bend beam in the administration they are mounted. They are accessible in a array of colors and dimensions.
Multi-Color SMD LED
Our checkered SMD LEDs appear in bi-color and tri-color combinations. These articles are generally acclimated for bazaar lighting, backlighting and more. The blush array forth with the ambit of ambit and configurations makes these LEDs applicative for a array of uses.
 Subminiature SMD LED
Our subminiature SMD LED accumulating includes a array of configurations such as dupe wing, z-bend, and bond lead. Plus, you'll acquisition a ambit of colors and ambit that can be tailored to your needs. The a lot of accepted appliance for this artefact is cachet indication.
 Reverse Arise SMD LED
Our about-face arise band of SMD LED is able to accommodate specialized lighting through a baby cut-out hole. Many of these are subminiature amalgamation LEDs, also. Providing a continued activity and solid accompaniment reliability, about-face arise LEDs are ideal for cachet indication.
For SMD LED articles with low ability burning and akin 3 damp sensitivity, attending to our SOT-23 artefact line. These articles aswell action a array of wavelengths and configurations for assorted cachet adumbration needs.

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